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Your bike will love you for it

Professional Tune-Up – $75 – Our Pro tune-up includes shifter and derailleur adjustments, brake adjustments, and wheel truing. We will adjust your hubs, bottom-bracket, and headset. And we will wipe down and lube your chain, lube the existing cables, and wipe down the frame.

Complete Overhaul – $200 – For this comprehensive service we disassemble your bike down to the bare frame. We clean your drive-train in our parts washer; overhaul your bottom bracket, hubs, and headset; and then wipe down your frame and reassemble the bike. Once reassembled, we perform a pro-tune-up and set up your bike with new brake cables, shift cables, and cable housing. If you choose to purchase new brake pads, tires, bar tape/grips, a new chain, or any other parts and accessories, we will install them for no extra charge. After this service, your bike will perform like new.