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Bicycle Repairs and Tune-Ups

You break it, we’re here to fix it. Here are our bike repair services:

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We have a long list of bike repair services to meet your every need. Don’t see the bicycle service you require? Give us a call!

  • Bottom Bracket Install — $25
  • Brake Adjust — $10
  • Brake Install — $20
  • Brake Pad Install — $10
  • Bike Build (from box) — $100
  • Bike Build (from frame) — $200-250
  • Box a Bike — $60
  • Cable Install — $15
  • Chain Install — $5
  • Computer Install — $10-15
  • Derailleur Adjust — $10
  • Derailleur Install — $20
  • Derailleur Hanger Adjustment — $10
  • Disk Brake Bleed — $30
  • Drivetrain Clean — $60
  • Fender Install — $30-70
  • Headset Adjust — $10
  • Headset Install — $40
  • Hub Adjust — $8-15
  • Hub Overhaul — $15-25
  • Rack Install — $15-30
  • Shifter Install — $15
  • Shifter Combo Install — $20
  • Spoke Install — $15-30
  • Tube/Tire Install — $10
  • Tubular Install — $40
  • Wheel Build — $60
  • Wheel True — $10-30
  • Wrap Handlebars — $10
  • Labor Per Hour — $65

If your bike has been sitting unused for a while our professional tune-up service is just what you need. Check out our options depending on your budget/needs.

Professional Tune-Up – $75 – Our Pro tune-up includes shifter and derailleur adjustments, brake adjustments, and wheel truing. We will adjust your hubs, bottom bracket, and headset. And we will wipe down and lube your chain, lube the existing cables, and wipe down the frame.

Complete Overhaul – $200 – For this comprehensive service we disassemble your bike down to the bare frame. We clean your drive-train in our parts washer; overhaul your bottom bracket, hubs, and headset; and then wipe down your frame and reassemble the bike. Once reassembled, we perform a pro-tune-up and set up your bike with new brake cables, shift cables, and cable housing. If you choose to purchase new brake pads, tires, bar tape/grips, a new chain, or any other parts and accessories, we will install them for no extra charge. After this service, your bike will perform like new.

Don’t let a flat tire or broken chain keep you off the trails. At Outer Banks Bicycle, we have a bicycle repair shop on-site for easy fixes to complete overhaul services.

Our bicycle repair techs can get your bike back on the road quickly and easily. Bring in your beach cruiser, mountain bike, or road bike for a quick tune-up before you tackle a long ride or schedule a complete overhaul to have it running like new. We can diagnose, repair or replace existing parts depending on your needs and budget.

Check out our cycle repair shop services for a full list of options. Please contact us if your bike requires a service that is not on our list.

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